Affiliate Disclosure

Rules for FTC Disclosure Compliance

New Rules for Disclosure Compliance had been released by the Federal Trade Commission in 2015.

These rules are made to assure that the reader or reviewer of this website ought to be completely aware if the blogger or publisher is endorsed, partnered or sponsored with another organization. The readers have the right to learn that if the content publisher is making any money by sharing product links.

In compliance with the FTC guidelines, it should be assumed by the readers that all links provided on Reviewiar are Affiliate links which produce a little revenue for me for a single sale.


Purchases are made on the external affiliate websites which means when a customer is clicking an Affiliate link on Reviewiar, he or she will buy the item directly from the seller.

Amazon and other companies offer a small compensation to Reviewiar for bringing consumers to their website. And the best part is prices don’t inflate. Prices will remain the same whether you go through an affiliate or non-affiliate link!

2 types of Affiliate programs are being utilized by Reviewiar.

1. Amazon affiliate links: 

Reviewiar is a member of Amazon Services LLC Associates. It is an affiliated advertising program for website owners to earn money by being linked to

2. Product affiliate program:

If you are clicking on a Product Affiliate link and buying that product, I will be granted a small percentage of money from this purchase. Again the prices will not be affected.


Well, this website has no sponsored posts. I have the aim to provide you with genuine and bona fide information.

In the end, I would like to assure you that I only recommend products that are personally tested by me and your purchase is worth it!