Best Desktop Computer For Students

A desktop computer is the main need in recent times, and most of the students do their college work easily on the PC compared to a laptop. The main student needs desktop computers to use them for online classes and use for programming work and rearrange the assignments. Therefore, here we give you a list of the main best desktop computer for students to buy and use in all types of work.

Best Desktop Computer For Students

Let’s check out the Best Students Desktop For 2020

It is a good platform for you a buy the best desktop computer for students. Moreover, our team reviewed and selected a list of some best desktop computer for regular use. So, you can easily check the list of best desktop computers for use and buy the best one from the list. Moreover, all the products are listed with their pros and cons.

1: Acer Aspire TC-885: Best Computer For Students

It is the best desktop computer for the students with its all best features. The system is set with a powerful processor and also with its flash storage power. Moreover, the 8GB DDR4, with its similar 512GB SSD is good to make it unique for all types of students. But, the easy connectivity with the wireless system of WiFi and Bluetooth is also a useful feature.


Functional Processor

The processor of this system is an excellent addition in this Acer PC. So, the 9th generation processor of Intel is perfect for work and uses it to get maximum support. Moreover, the speed of the PC automatically becomes high with this Core i3 900 processor. Therefore, all the students can use this desktop for computer programming work and also for the online classes.

Easy Connectivity

The connectivity of the desktop computer with its wireless system of LAN with Bluetooth and WiFi is good to make exceptional support for the transfer of data. But, the WiFi connection is also best to make the PC supportive and compatible with Alexa and Google. Therefore, this connection of the PC is good to make versatile and powerful.

Perfect Monitor

The monitor of the desktop for a student is also good enough to give full support. But, it is also good to make the perfect display of this Acer PC. Moreover, the keyboard in this PC has all function keys and tabs for comfortable working. But, the mouse system is also attached to the pc for working efficiently. Overall, this Acer desktop computer is perfect and reliable in its performance.


  • Fast speed
  • Good storage
  • Easy connectivity


  • Low tech support


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2: Acer Aspire C24-963-UA91: Best Computer For Accounting Students

It is another best desktop computer set up with its full-color display and powerful for work at any point. Moreover, it is easy to use with its simple functions and also provides tech support for work. The home window ten is set in this PC to make the system perfect with its simple processor and give accuracy and speed in its work. Moreover, this desktop system comes with a full accessory setup.


Good Quality

The overall made quality of this PC is very good with its shape and also with its made power. Moreover, it is unique for use and also durable made to show reliable performance. But, this is good for students due to its all easily use functions at any level.

Good Storage

The desktop has adequate storage capacity with its easy connectivity. Moreover, the 512GB SSD in this PC is excellent to make the system suitable for use to store much more data. But, the connectivity with the wireless system of Bluetooth and WiFi as well as the USB ports help to transfer the data quickly from one to another side.

Excellent Display

The display of the desktop computer is colorful with its full HD quality. The bright screen with its different color and 23.8″ size is better to make the desktop user for use with its shiny view at any angle. Moreover, this display of the desktop is entirely eye-catching to make the PC full supportive. But, the window 10 with the perfect interface and fast processor is also an extra addition in this PC.


  • Glancing display
  • Excellent made desktop
  • Window 10 compatibility


  • Less portable for use


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3: ACEPC AK1 Mini PC: Best Computer For Art Students

This is the PC system with its small and lightweight design and size for use in all types of work to give a perfect view. Moreover, it is good to use easily with its full fast speed of processing. But, it is good with its all type of functions to provide full unique working in programming and development. Also, if you are the music students you can use this computer for music production


Good Desktop

This mini desktop is suitable for all students with its quality of functions. But, the interface with its fast processor students can use this PC for programming and also for a game purpose. The processor of Celeron Appolo lake is a good addition for fast action at any angle.

Lightweight Design

The design of this mini PC is effortless with its full lightweight power to give accuracy and speed for use. But, the lightweight design of this PC is perfect for making it portable for use and also providing full tech support during working time. Moreover, this desktop has good connectivity with wifi, and Bluetooth via the wireless system is also perfect for work.

Fast Speed

The speed limit of this PC is very good with its Intel processor of Celeron to add the power of fast speed. Moreover, the 8Gb DDR4 RAM in this PC is also an excellent addition to make it also unique for students to use with all types of working capability. Overall, it is the best PC setup for use and gives working accuracy to a higher level.


  • Excellent made PC
  • Perfect processing power
  • Good wireless connection


  • The PC has less durability.

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4: Mini PC, ACEPC T11: Best Computer For Architecture Students

This is the best PC for students with its all better options and use function. But, it is good with its different style of power for use to add versatility and operational support to use it for programming work. But, the RAM with its flash memory makes this desktop computer better to store the data quickly in it. The plus point of this computer is you can use this computer for photo editing.


Fast Speed

The desktop is new with its features and functions. So, it is suitable for students to use it and get maximum benefits from it. But, the desktop has a good quality processor which adds power for fast work and also makes it durable. Moreover, the Quad-core Intel atom processor is set in this mini PC to give easy use functions.

Functional Computer

It is the desktop that is functional for all student’s use with its all fast action. But, it is good with its RAM of 4GB helps to provide good working power. Moreover, the 64bit window is also an excellent addition to put accuracy for work at any angle.

Perfect Interface

The interface and display of this mini ACEPC are promising to give a clear crystal view. In addition to this, you can watch the videos and movies on it with its full 4k display. But, it is also compatible with wifi to watch online movies with a clear view. Thus, the eye-catching display of this PC is perfect for use.


  • Excellent interface
  • High-quality made PC
  • Good in storage power


  • The processor is not suitable.


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5: Dell Optiplex 7010: Best Computer For Business Students

This is the PC of the Dell brand with its full power to use this for the business work. Moreover, it is powerfully made to add power and versatility. But, it is useful in its full unique design and also suitable for use in all types of processing work with its full fast processor. In addition to this, the display with a large size screen and keyboard setup is also a good addition in it.


Powerful Made

A made quality of this PC is very good with its maximum durability. Moreover, it useful to use in all places without any problem. But, this desktop is also functional for work and also provides outstanding support. Thus the students can use this PC with full unique power and progress.

Fast Processing

The processing speed at the browsing time is very good with its full fast action. Moreover, the processor of Intel Core i5 is a good addition with its considerable size RAM power provides support in its speed to use it and get maximum power.

Excellent Connectivity

The connectivity of this PC is excellent to make the PC fully functional. But, the wireless system in this pc of wifi and Bluetooth add power to use it without any problem. Moreover, it is best suitable to watch movies and videos online. Thus, the PC setup is compatible with Google and Alexa to provide maximum unique and super functional support.


  • Solid performance
  • Excellent made PC
  • Google compatibility


  • Storage is a little bit low.


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6: HP EliteDesk 800: Best Computer For College Students

It is the best desktop computer with its all useful features and functions and also suitable for use with its all fast actions. But, the colorful display with the fast processing speed in this PC is good to make it better for work and all the students can use it easily.


Fast Processor

The processor of this min desktop computer is excellent to give full fast speed. So, all the users get maximum comfort from this processor its fast processing work. Moreover, the processor of Intel in this PC is an excellent addition to make it versatile for browsing work.

Perfect Connection

The connection of this PC for the students is also good. So, and easy connectivity of wifi and also the Bluetooth system makes a functional desktop. Moreover, the wifi is good to make the computer compatible with Google and also with Alexa. Thus overall, this model PC is fast with its all action.

Good Storage

The storage capacity of this desktop computer is excellent for all users to store much more data efficiently. The RAM is huge with 16GB space and also has a 240GB hard drive for fast functionality. Therefore, it is right for you to use this laptop as a student and get maximum benefits from it.


  • Solid speed
  • Better action and storage
  • Perfect processor


  • USB ports do not functional

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7: Mini PC AWOW: Best Computer For Computer Science Students

It is the small size PC for students use at home with its fast processing speed and good connectivity with wifi and also with its Bluetooth system. Moreover, this PC is compatible with Alexa and Google to watch the online display. Moreover, the RAM of this PC is also good enough for all types of work with full fast speed.

It will be a tremendous open door for you to use such a very good quality included framework for your business or home office exercises and if you are a designer so it’s also the best computer for graphic designers.


Good Display

The display of this PC is perfect for giving a full clear view. Moreover, the large size screen with its simple, colorful display is good to make it better for users to watch and play videos game and also watch movies with 4k display power.

Good Sound

The sound is good with its full fast speaker to provide good quality of sound and play music easily on it. Moreover, the microphone compatibility in this PC is also a perfect addition to use headphones for better sound and other action. But, overall, this system is good with its sound power to produce Excellency in its work.

Good RAM

The RAM in this PC is perfect for giving excellent speed without using any extra graphic card. But, the RAM and challenging of this PC better to add versatility for work and also give a unique performance at all places. Moreover, the design is very good with its full lightweight and mini size for easy use. The Keyboard is functional with its right size keys.


  • Good sound power
  • Easy assembly
  • A perfect and unique quality


  • Low-quality processor


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Best Desktop Computer For Students –  Buying Guide

The following are some of the factors that you need to consider before buying the best student desktop.


The main thing about the desktop computer for students is its design. With its small size and unique shape, the PC setup is good for all users to use easily. Therefore, it is good for you to check the design and then buy the desktop with its full thin size. Moreover, you need to check the complete accessory with its slim design and then buy it for your use.


Afterall the processor in the desktop computer is a powerful thing. So, the users also want to check the processor and then select the best desktop for use at home or college. Most of the students want to buy the PC with its fully functional shape and design. But, the processor of Intel with a perfect generation is good for a desktop. So, buy the PC set up with its powerful processor.

RAM And Hard Drive

The other thing about the buying guide is the RAM and hard with flash memory of the system. The students want to use the PC with good RAM size to make the desktop’s full speed for programming work. Therefore, with its RAM size of 8-12GB, the PC is good for use without any troubleshoot. Moreover, the hard drive comes with its two ways of HDDs and SSDs. First, check the PC setup hard drive and check its flash memory to buy a PC.


The 4K display with its full-color screen is a good setting in the PC for college students. So, it is good for you to check the desktop display view and then decide how it can give results for videos and make a perfect display for an eye-catching view. So, always try to select the desktop with its full 4k view.


The PC connectivity with WiFi and Alexa is good for making compatible the system with Google and Alexa. So, the students want to use the PC with its full power of easy connectivity through the wireless system. Therefore, try to buy a PC with a good connection of USB and wireless system and then buy for use.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

What is the best desktop computer for students?

Different manufacturers of the USA provide various types of main desktop computers for use. But, the Acer Aspire TC brand desktop is good for all students to use it and also get maximum power from it for all time use.

How much RAM is enough?

A desktop computer with its RAM size of almost 4-8GB is best. This size is very good and perfect for all users to use the PC for various work types without any lading issue.

Can I use window ten on my PC?

Yes, the window ten is best for the PC system with its newest 8th and 9th generation processor. Therefore, it is good for you to use window ten with its many new features and functions.

What is the best processor on the PC?

The processor with its all good function of fast speed, easy action, and control for work is best for use. But, the Intel Celeron processor is best for use all time with its full efficient work.

Final Words

Most of the students want to use the best desktop computer for college use. Therefore, the students want to buy the best PC setup with all its functions to give the best results. Moreover, the price worth and perfect design with good processing power is the students’ main demand to buy a PC. Then here we give you a suggestion to buy the PC of Acer Aspire TC with its all good features.

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