Best Tablet For OneNote Review In 2021 – Editor Choice

Several traditional things such as the map, telegram, typewriter, Polaroid camera, or VHS had already replaced by technological advancements. There has also been digitalization of the writing or note-taking method.

There have been lots of initiatives that would let you make notes on your computer devices. But it isn’t the precise process the same as it should be rather than writing, you have to type.  So, the best tablet for OneNote 2021 is the perfect solution for this.

Nowadays the manufacturing companies tend to mix technology with materials of everyday use. You can take digital notes with the latest technological gadgets, just like you do with the actual notebooks.

The touch screen type pen/pencil, as well as the flexible sensible display, enables you to switch your work into some kind of digital form, whether this is regarding drawing or even just making notes.

Here Is the List Of Best Tablet For OneNote

Windows 10 Fusion5 Ultra Slim⭐⭐⭐⭐
Lenovo Smart Tab M10 10.1⭐⭐⭐⭐
Microsoft Surface Pro 6⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
RCA Cambio 10.1⭐⭐⭐⭐
New Microsoft Surface Go⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
New Microsoft Surface Pro⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Latest Microsoft Surface Pro 4⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

1. Windows 10 Fusion5 Ultra Slim: Best Tablet For Note Taking

This best tablet for OneNote 2021 is exceptionally quick. I figured out how to download Norton, VLC Player, Firefox, Kindle App, and other top software.

10" Windows 10 Fusion5 FWIN232 Plus S1 Ultra Slim Tablet Computer - (4GB RAM, USB 3.0, Intel, 5MP and 2MP Cameras, Windows 10 S Tablet PC)

The docking station works extraordinary for charging while at the same time taking a look at something on the table. It probably won’t locate a superior processor at this cost.

I simply got it today, so I didn’t have a lot of time to play. So far, I’m happy the cost is astounding! It is pwleasant to have a console connected to this tablet. I was unable to discover one for this particular tablet. We trust this best OneNote tablet. I evaluated this four stars rather than five because of the constrained battery life and sound quality.

In general, at the cost, it’s a decent unit, adequate for the following two years. It is pleasant to have a case that works with the walkway.

This tablet also popular for watching movies online so you can say it’s the best tablet for watching movies online.

  • Very responsive and quick
  • User-friendly interface
  • Good illustrations
  • Moderate cost
  • Battery life is not good
  • The sound quality needs improvement

2. Lenovo Smart Tab M10 10.1: Best Android Tablet For Notes

Lenovo Smart Tab M10 10.1” Android Tablet, Alexa-Enabled Smart Device with Smart Dock Featuring 2 Dolby Atmos Speakers - 16GB Storage with Alexa Enabled Charging Dock Included

If you are searching for the best device for OneNote that has different applications, a slight and light convenient Alexa prepared circle, a tall glass on the two sides, Lenovo is the gadget to purchase. If you need to utilize an information plan, you need to purchase an LTE model.

In any case, it’s just Wi-Fi that is directly for me. I have appended some photographs of what is in the case. I propose a case if you intend to go with it, for the security and the holding of the charging wire.

For whatever length of time that you let it run on the charger, it ‘awakens’ like a reverberation. You can utilize Alexa to play your music, watch films, scan for plans, read your shopping rundown, and that’s just the beginning.

I purchased the best One Note tablet item. I have had numerous chances to utilize it in the previous scarcely weeks, and I have seen it as an incredible tablet. You can use this tablet for medical school and save unlimited notes on this tablet.

  • It accompanies the unit accusing the station of string and divider charger.
  • Alexa prepared and has extraordinary Dolby front speakers.
  • It additionally accompanies a different rope so you can charge it in a hurry, and so on.
  • This wire doesn’t accompany a connector, however, it fits a standard USB connector.
  • It is versatile and has a huge screen for watching films and has brilliant sound from Dolby speakers.
  • Price is an issue
  • Sound quality is satisfactory

3. Microsoft Surface Pro 6: Best Tablet For Microsoft Onenote

With Windows 10 Home, exploit natural features like signing into Windows Hello without a secret word and Smart Assistant – make your best work with Office 365 on Windows.

Microsoft  Surface Pro 6 (Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, 128GB)

Tweak Surface Pro 6 to suit your style with a decision of two hues – Platinum or the striking new Black. Make it a total PC with a mark top, Surface stylus, and Arc Surface mouse.

Whatever you do, let them up, and the coming age of Surface Pro 6 with the most recent eighth-era Intel Core processor and one-day battery life assist you with taking your plans to the following level.

Any place you are, the new Surface Pro 6 lets you effectively work and play anyplace, with the flexibility of a PC to your tablet that adjusts to you.

Add a spark to regular assignments with the new age of Surface Pro Signature – the ideal mix of modern style, comfort, and innovation.

The best feature of Microsoft surface is your kids can use this for cartoons or for reading poems because it’s a good choice tablet for kids.

  • Flimsy, lightweight, and prepared to travel.
  • This best device for OneNote is intended to fit in your grasp and snaps level to handily accommodate your sack.
  • Associates by means of Bluetooth
  • Compose and draw normally, with fine ink toward one side and an elastic eraser on the other.
  • Make your best work with Office 365 on Surface.
  • Work more brilliant with incredible ink composing abilities and show each side of your story in 3D.
  • Delicate tablet

4. RCA Cambio 10.1 inches: Best Tablet For Onenote Handwriting

RCA Cambio 10.1 inches (2-in-1) Windows 10 Tablet & Keyboard Touch Screen Atom Processor Z8350 with 2GB RAM 32G Storage

It functions admirably for that. The main thing that is unacceptable is battery life. With the planning of the most extreme battery life, it will most recent 5 hours. In typical battery settings, it keeps going around 3 hours.

I didn’t think that it’s genuine in light of the fact that it is particularly by the couch, and I plug it in when I am not utilizing it. It is a generally excellent worth, and for under 80 conveyed, it is the estimation of the tablet that must be survived.

I realize it’s the best tablet for OneNote. However, it is strong. At the cost, it couldn’t be better. I purchased the RCS 12.2 tablet before Christmas for a test, and saw it as great worth, as yet bigger than should be expected.

I purchased the 10.1-inch screen rendition since it is simpler to convey as a tablet and for simple use on a plane. It’s a finished Windows 10 machine! My main use is email and watching videos on YouTube/Netflix/Amazon.

  • Exceptionally reduced, however substantial.
  • A decent armrest that interfaces legitimately to your tablet/PC.
  • I should state that it is extremely OK at the cost.
  • The touch screen is splendid.
  • The size is little; however, not all that awful.
  • Sound quality not good
  • Low quality

5. New Microsoft Surface Go: Best Windows Tablet

Microsoft Surface Go (Intel Pentium Gold, 4GB RAM, 64GB)

The best tablet for Microsoft OneNote Compose and draw normally, with fine ink toward one side and an elastic eraser on the other. Surface Go works splendidly with all Microsoft Office applications, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Outlook.

Pair the Signature Surface-style spread with Surface Go for a full console experience any place you are. Complete your style with a decision of rich colors. Completely lower the hassock to put Surface Go in studio mode for a splendidly calculated composition and regular composing edge with the Surface Pen.

Close the kickstand and unplug or overlay the surface mark type spread again for a profoundly versatile and independent Intel tablet. Put Surface Go in PC mode by opening and changing the implicit stand and including a removable Signature Surface-type spread.

  • The smooth and thin Surface Go is worked with the staggering 10-inch Pixel Sense show
  • Touchscreen, ideal for perusing, working, and viewing.
  • Trust the new Surface Go running Office, programs and other ordinary applications
  • The best tablet for OneNote utilizes the incredible Intel processor and as long as 9 hours of battery life.
  • Beginning at simply 1.3 lbs., the new 10-inch Surface Go is the littlest and lightest Surface ever.
  • Slips effectively into your pack and enables you PC execution with to convey a tablet.
  • Low quality
  • Difficult to use

6. New Microsoft Surface Pro: New Microsoft Tablet

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 – 12.3" Touch-Screen - 10th Gen Intel Core i5 - 8GB Memory - 128GB SSD (Latest Model) – Platinum (VDV-00001)

I end up composing reports by hand utilizing the pen as opposed to composing. The Microsoft pen accurately figures out what to compose, in any event, when it’s chaotic. Really sublime!

The stylus yield coordinates with a wide range of windows I sent in, including my Chrome program; Accepts the original content copy and changes over it to sort.

The most recent form of Photoshop works impeccably in Office 365, and everything looks astounding. I will get them once more as I have no bad things to say yet.

I will refresh the following month of utilization. Requested it, and I came rapidly, and I propelled a touch console too, it’s an awesome day here in my reality. Got it to have the option to deal with my business effortlessly, and I could do everything.

I love Surface Pro 4! I got it for melodic courses of action, and I work with the Microsoft Pen application and Staff Pad.

  • This best tablet for Microsoft OneNote is sufficiently light to handle.
  • I use it for significantly more than I initially arranged.
  • It can without much of a stretch be utilized like a standard PC.
  • Despite its size, it is positively not as constrained at all as a tablet.
  • Difficult user interface
  • Quality needs improvement

7. Latest Microsoft Surface Pro 4: Best Tablet For Work

Latest Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (2736 x 1824) Tablet 6th Generation (Intel Core i5-6300U, 8GB Ram, 256GB SSD, Bluetooth, Dual Camera) Windows 10 Professional

If you need a tablet for extreme assignments, Surface Pro 4 is constantly a decent decision for a tablet.

I have an affectionate relationship with Windows. However, I, despite everything, think that it’s essential for specific things. I love Surface as a tablet, and it works with those things that I have to have my own PC. If you know the iPad, Surface will be exceptionally overwhelming, however not awkward.

Other than the significant expense, this best tablet for Microsoft OneNote is an extraordinary tablet. Numerous analysts have said that MS Surface is the top tier of every single other tablet, all things considered, aside from the absence of a Type C port, Surface goes to the fore.

At long last, the working framework will refresh, and the tablet will quit working. I’m certain that is the way Microsoft makes you purchase another one.

A few objections. It likewise accompanies truly irritating programming that Microsoft needs you to utilize, which runs naturally on startup.

  • The structure and utilization of this the best tablet for OneNote are straightforward, instinctive, and all-around considered.
  • It has worked in the console when you need to type and a touch screen when you don’t.
  • Both work well, indeed.
  • The screen is enormous, with incredible definition and sound from little speakers enough to no end under tuning in to music.
  • Quality is low
  • Delicate tablet

Buying Guide for Best Onenote Tablets

If you are looking for the best device for OneNote Apple I-pad, 10.2 inches is a wonderful option and the best choice you can make. For Android lovers: Samsung Galaxy S4 is the best choice. Besides this all, Microsoft OneNote is among the most famous software programs that can collect free-form info–it can obtain user notes (written or typed), diagrams, display clippings, as well as audio comments.

The greatest thing about such a potent plan seems to be, and it is on all different platforms accessible. The best tablet for OneNote can be used on Windows (Computer, Phone), Mac, iPad, tablet, iPhone, Android, and even on the Internet.


Resolution and Screen Size:

The size of a screen depends entirely on your demands and desires. If you like working with such a larger screen, you may need to sacrifice a few weights, although small tablets seem to be easier and convenient to carry.

Desirable and ideal note-taking needs at least an 8-inch tablet. That’s large enough to see what is on the screen and did not create any problems and issues for you.

As some of you may realize, the high resolution can deliver a clearer and sharper quality image. So, I would like to recommend that you can go with at least a full Widescreen resolution to ensure the good quality of the display. This isn’t a big deal though; you may also find this resolution in certain discounted tablet devices


Yeah! For the best device for OneNote, the stylus is indeed an essential part. Many tablets emerge with the stylus, but you can also buy them separately. However, what do we take into account before selecting a stylus?

  • Sensitivity to pressure: This describes the stylus’ responsiveness. The susceptibility to high pressure provides a perfect or actual-world background for sketching / making notes.
  • Knobs: Some stylus provides shortcut buttons, and while using multiple applications, they are convenient. It ensures you can transfer between tools without having to touch the screen. Some newest stylus, such as Apple’s Pencil, will enable you to do the same with just tapping.
  • Nibs: Harder nibs are made for even more technical work by performers, while soft nibs seem to be suitable for making notes.

Such suggestions are not too essential, but you would appreciate it if you could get them as just an addition.

Fast Charging

If you don’t have too much time to charge your tablet or may have forgotten to do things; therefore, the Rapid Charge function could save your lives. Throughout the space of a few minutes, a rapidly-charging sponsored tablet can offer you a few hours of storage.

USB Model-C

This harbor is very common in today’s appliances, even this year, the Type-C port was embraced by Apple’s iPad Pro. The greatest thing about such a port is that it can transfer files at the highest speed, and concurrently charge the device.


Most common is dropping from the hands of both the Smartphone and tablet, which might occur with everyone. Even I slipped my iPhone 6S three times mistakenly. So, a durable tablet is a smart idea to go along with. While no tablet proves to be completely damaging, but this might offer you several probabilities.


Choose to have the best One Note tablet as I said before, but you should assume about the weight. Lightweight tablets are easier and convenient to carry with you every day without tiredness

If you do not want to invest too much in your note-taking tablet, therefore, the flawless and wonderful option for you would be Samsung Galaxy Tab A. Firstly; this tablet offers a 10.1-inch full HD (1920x 1080) screen that delivers a flourishing and crisp image quality whether you’re reading news, taking notes or watching films.

Additionally, it enables you to do several tasks and activities using the included S Pen, such as drawing, editing, and writing. If you are using Microsoft OneNote, therefore, the S Pen will work wonders.

This tablet offers a very good battery life despite a large screen, as well as its battery can juice this tool up to 14 hrs on browsing the web. What’s incredible is that you can work the whole day with little or no disruption.


Generally, laptops are also not feasible when it came to taking on and the-go notes, whereas smartphones have tinier screens. The best One Note tablet 2021 is indeed the ideal and great piece of technology that fits well with this riddle – they are a friendly gesture to notebooks. I hope you like our reviewer review about all tablets.


1: First of all, you must know what ONENOTE is?

OneNote seems to be an electronic notebook that lets you create and store notes that would encompass anything like textboxes, handwritten text and diagrams, pictures, links, clipped web pages, audio, video, and much more. Information contained or stored in OneNote synchronizes throughout your devices, such as your pc (Windows and Mac), your iPhone or Android phone, your iPad, or Android tablet.

2: For what use would be OneNote?

In OneNote, you can save almost any type of information. Here seem to be some of the most OneNote uses available. Handle shopping lists, Manage recipe books, Newsreader Store internet articles (using OneNote Web Clipper) Search and maintain invoices (using Office Lens) Music player, Project Management, and many more.

3: How to use OneNote?

Info in OneNote, like some kind of digital version of the three-ring binder, is structured into notebooks, segments, and pages. Like the binder pages, you may compose in a OneNote notebook anywhere on a page. There are fundamental text format methods and tools, and you can generate summaries and tables. You may also attach pictures and links on one page, or even record video and audio.

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