Computer Freezes for a second when Playing Games [Resolved]

The majority of the time, you might have faced issues like computer freezing while playing games. This cannot be very pleasant. If it happens to you, then there is nothing to worry about. Many other gamers have expressed the same issue in different forums and demand an adequate solution for it.

In general, you need to know that there are lots of reasons behind these issues. Less Ram, Low-end CPU, Temp Folders, and third-party extensions/plugins/browsers would be the significant reasons for it.

Why Your Computer Freezes for a second when Playing Games?

Computer Freezes for a second when Playing Games

If you have these issues for a second and the games restart like usual, then you should not need to leave It at any cost. Instead, you have to find a way to help you resolve it as soon as possible. Remember, neglecting the minor issues can lead you towards the major issues that later become a hassles thing for you. You could not efficiently resolve it very quickly.

There would be both hardware and windows issues for a similar reason. Therefore, you need to make sure that everything is set up in the right way for better experience and results.

Things that you need To check:

To cope with this issue quickly, you need to check some general things on your PC. So, let’s discuss them in the below sections.

Hard Drive: Crashing issues usually happens whenever you install an un-reliable Hard drive into the Computer. Therefore, you would also face computer freezing issues at the time of playing the game. In that case, make sure that the hard drive is in a good stage and of a reliable brand.

GPU Stability: The GPU Stability needs to be check as well. If it’s poor, then you would have to face lots of issues. Therefore, you need to use a tool that can lower the stress and make the situation easier for you.

CPU/Memory: The CPU and memory feature of your PC also needs to check pretty well, and it needs to be adequate as per the standards of gaming. If it doesn’t underlay to the given standards, you would have to face loads of issues.

Methods to Fix the Issues:

Besides the check and balance, you should also go for the proven ways to fix the issues alongside. So, let’s talk about them as well.

Method 1: 

The first method will be to update your drivers, and that can also become a significant reason for a computer to freeze during gameplay.

Method 2: 

The second method is to lower the in-game settings. Sometimes, highly-setup settings would not comply with the preferable settings of the game. Therefore, it makes issues for you not adequately to play it seamlessly. Therefore, you need to low and then try playing the game.

Also Check:

Method 3:

You need to run a memory check of your PC as it can be the primary reason for the computer freezes during Gameplay. For that, you can type in mdsched.exe into the run box of your computer and press enter. IF any issue exists there, then you need to resolve it.

Method 4:

You need to apply the run system-file checker option to find any issue over there. If there is any issue, then you should need to fix it as soon as possible. If not, then you are ok from that side.

Method 5: 

Last but not least, it’s an excellent option to check for malware and viruses on your computer. Sometimes, the issues underlying due to the same problems. Therefore, a check and balance to the virus and malware would do the task better for you. All you need is to run the “Windows Defender” or use any anti-virus for the same purpose.