Difference Between LCD And LED TV Which One Is Better?

You want to Know the Difference Between LCD And LED TV Which One Is Better? Both of the TV setups of LCD and Difference Between LCD And LED TV Which One Is BetterLED are looks like the same. But, somehow, these also have a little bit of difference. But, the basic system with the simple technology of liquid crystal is the same.

This has the power of the polarized glass layer through which light passes and makes a clear view of the display. Moreover, LED is a subgroup of LCD, which helps to give a better display. The full name of LCD is liquid crystal diode, and as like LED has the name of the light-emitting diode. So, here we give you a brief Difference Between LCD And LED TV.

Difference Between LCD And LED TV Which One Is Better?

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Picture Quality

The imaging power and capturing the quality of the picture is the difference between LED and LCD. So, the picture quality in the low-end than lED is better for your picture power. Either at the high-end, both LCD and LED are competent enough to give the maximum setting of the image with its full display.

Color Contrast

The both have TVs that usually have color contrast, but LED has some different and versatile colors, which make them versatile due to their RGB-LED backlighting power. So, it is good to use the LED with its full colorful display. But, LED has the real more authentic white and black colors, which give a higher HDR ratio to add the dark vision with its simple background.

Frame Of TV

The frame of both LCD and LED looks very thin with a perfect design. But, the LCD is much thinner with its shape, but the LED is almost one-inch in size. This is good to give maximum useability with its simple slim and smart look.


The LED and LCD have three different backlighting system to add a full array for use. Moreover, these three kinds of backlighting are CCFL backlighting, full-array backlighting, and LED-backlighting system. So, it is good to give full power for use in all types of works. But, these are used in the LCD TV, which gives full illumination power to show the best display.

Local Dimming

It is also the best feature of LCD and LED TV, which is also a contrast in both of them. So, here LED light source dimmed behind the LCD and then illuminated to match the picture power with its all colors. LCDs can’t effectively block light from reaching through, even during dark scenes, so dimming the light beginning itself helps in creating more profound blacks and a more significant difference in the picture.

Different Types Of LED TVs

Some best types of LED TVs are listed below to give you an idea of which one is better, either LED or LCD.


It is the best type of TV with its all special features. So, the LED is set in the rim of the screen to give a perfect position. Moreover, this has a unique feature of diffusion panel to spread the light and show maximum power for making the light power.

Dynamic RGB LED

It is also one of the best TV with its all special features. This has a sound backlight system which helps to give light and spread with its all dimmed areas. Moreover, the backlighting system is good to give the perfect way of passing the light and gives a clear view of the display.

Full-Array LED

This is the best for vision and eyes to give a full bright view. But, the LED set behind the screen to give a full picture with its dimmed light. So, the brightening and dimming of each TV have different from one another.

Three different types of LCD make better use.

Flat Screen LCD

It is an excellent LCD with its all special features for use. But, it has a very thick look with its sleek power for use. So, it is good to make a small size with its display. Moreover, the surface with its perfect mounting is best to give a full view. Moreover, it is good to give a bright view of its best display and image power.

Front Projection LCD

It is good with its simple display and processing speed to use it and get a clear picture with a full bright view. It is an effortless TV and looks like a small box to adjust to the home. So, the 300inches screen of LCD TV has the right to give full view with its bright view and hang on any of the walls.

Rear Projection LCD

It is one of the best LCD with its simple features. This image is sent from the rear of the front side with its all aspects and a clear view. Rear projection LCD has good power to give substantial and large image size with its clear and bright view.

Overall Difference


• It is simple with its LED backlight and uses the liquid crystal display.
• LED is efficient for energy consumption.
• A lighter is set to give edge power.
• It is costly for the LCD TV.


• The LCD TV is also simple with its full vision to use the fluorescent light, but it also has a liquid crystal display.
• LCD uses more power and energy source with its best image quality.
• The number of colors in the LCD is less as compared to the LED.

Final Words

Both the LCD and LED TVs are simple in looks. But, both have the same liquid crystal technology with the best vision. However, the underlying technology in both of the TVs has different. Moreover, LED TV is much better for use as compared to the old LCD TVs. Overall LED is better due to its best colorful view with a sizeable RGB-dynamic color scheme to give a full and straightforward bright view with its bright and dimming light power. Moreover, LED has the power to show white and black color contrast display to make the best image with its all best source.

There are many led and LCDs under dollar 400 you can buy from your budget and led is best for sports also so both are different.

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