How Much a Desktop Computer Cost? Friendly Budget

As you know our experts always help you to choose the right one product for your use and we contentiously review amazon products as we have done in previous posts best OneNote tablets, best-led TVs under 400 and we will do more products review in the future. In this post, we will clear your mind about how much desktop computer costs?

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Searching for a computer that ticks all the boxes isn’t that easy. It requires tons of research and a lot of confidence How Much a Desktop Computer Cost?when purchasing because these devices cannot be upgraded every day. If you’re someone who is constantly searching for a better alternative for your devices, or loves to stay up-to-date about the current dynamics of the computer market, you may find this article very helpful.

If you are new to this industry, work on knowing terms like processors, RAM, graphics, hard drives, peripherals, etc. before entering the marketplace so, you have an idea of what you’re looking for.

There are many ways you can buy a computer, you can either roam from one place to another for a computer that has everything you need, or you can simply lookup on the internet and when found, have it shipped right to you. In both cases, you should have a clear picture of what you want and why you want it.

What Will Work Best For You a Desktop PC or a Laptop?

You may get confused if this is your first purchase, it is so because your choice isn’t much defined yet, and there are chances that you might pick something up that isn’t even what you want. In that case, you’re a mess. But worry no more, as this article will get you through the dark sides of the mornings! Joking.

Before deciding, what’s better for you, and what’s not, we need there are a few things to consider. A desktop is generally a cheaper choice as compared to a laptop because a laptop requires a battery, and it has stuffed a lot of components into the small space as compared to a desktop that causes it to be high priced, and of course, it’s portable.

Conversely, a desktop is cheaper than a laptop, but this does not mean that it’s a lower-quality computer or old-school technology, but many tiny things go into building a laptop that increases its value as compared to a desktop that solely sits on a desk. If you are an advocate of steady workstations and don’t like running around with a laptop, consider getting a desktop and save yourself some money.

What is the average lifespan of a desktop?

If you’re looking for a more durable option, then buying a desktop will be a good option. For PCs, estimating a life span may be a bit complex because you can change all parts and upgrade components in a desktop if you feel like its lagging in its operation, so re-building and Upgrading a PC is always an option. This is why most desktops have a life span between five to eight years, depending on how you upgrade its components and how well you have maintained the PC. On the other hand, a laptop may last in for three to five years but still loses its utility because, with time, they become less capable of running more advanced apps.

Desktop PCs have more room for powerful fans, so they can easily cool down, which also contributes to PC’s long lifetime, and PCs maintain their optimum performance level.

What are the Common Laptop Brands?

Common Laptop Brands: By far, you must have decided on buying a PC, Right?! If this is so, let’s give you a look at some desktop computer selling brands that you want to purchase from. The most common laptop brands are HP, Acer, Dell, and Mac.

How much a desktop computer cost?

Honestly, desktops come in various shapes, forms, and prices. They may start anywhere near $300 and go above $2000. There is no limit to it. The more efficient a desktop is, the more you have to pay for it or the more value a desktop has to offer, the more expensive it is.

Simple Desktops

Generally, desktop computers that begin at $300 include a keyboard, a mouse, and a tower case with a Windows Vista or Windows XP operating system. This type of desktop may offer 1GB of memory and 160GB of disk space. Google Chromebook is an example of a low-budget model.

General Purpose Desktops

You may get a desktop computer with a higher-end dual-core processor in $400 to $600 range. A dual-core and quad-core CPU means that a desktop may combine multiple processors in one for elite performance. HP 8300 Office PC is an example of it, that comes with 32GB Memory and 480GB SSD.

Best Business Desktops

Best business desktops may cost you from $700 come up to $1000. Acer Aspire C27 has an Intel Core i5-1035G1and has a 12GB of RAM, which makes it an excellent choice for desktop lovers. It has a super-slim, 27-inch full HD display measures a slim 0.3 inches, and is worth a compliment from your colleagues. It’s available in the market for $849.99.

Home Office and All in One Desktop

All-in-one desktop computers cost anywhere from $1,100 to $2,100. Apple iMac All-in-One Desktop with 5K Retina Display is the ultimate option for this budget. It is available in the market for $1,679.92. Its equipped with an upgraded FaceTime camera, audio hardware, 8 GB of RAM, 256 GB SSD, and Four USB 3.0 ports. The design is extremely sleek and bright. Perfect for small spaced home offices and work zones!

If you need a desktop pc for graphic design so you need to more budget because for graphic design works you need a high-performance computer that has high RAM, Processor, and Hard Disk.


The world is changing, and with the constantly increasing demands of the digital world, computers have become a must-have. Desktops can be your gateway to this digital world. Buy a PC that fits your requirement and project your ideas into the world for the greater good.

We hope this informative article was useful to you, and you were able to learn a lot about best and budget-friendly desktop options for your home, offices, and workspaces. Remember, avoid spending any more money than you must, and also learn about what elements must be given priority when looking for a perfect desktop. So, you fall upon the perfect desktop that you love to work with. Happy Shopping.

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