How to Properly Clean Your Metal Computers? [Working Secrets]

Whether it’s an object or a human, everything looks and works well whenever it’s cleaned. When it comes to Computer, the same thing apply to them. When you regularly clean a computer, it would save many hassles and time for you to face any issue in the future. However, improper or no cleaning would make the entire situation intense and problematic for you.

When you have a dusty computer, its essential components try to consume more load, and the computer’s stability raises many issues for you. Meanwhile, the burden also imposes much pressure on the computer that can heat it or cause many other issues for you.

On the other hand, when you have a clean computer, the components tend to work well. Therefore, the stability and performance of the Computer also increase. Meanwhile, you would use it for longer times without any hurdle.

Supplies Required for Cleaning Metal Computers:

  • Microfiber wipes are mandatory for you to clean the dust out of the metal computers.
  • Canned Air.
  • Glass cleaner or isopropyl alcohol.
  • Dry Cloth.
  • Plastic Scraper and Windex.

Cleaning the Metal Computers:

Before you start the cleaning procedure, make sure that all of the metal computer’s physical components need to be turned off. Make sure to unplug all of the components one or half an hour before starting the cleaning procedure.

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After that, start the procedure from the Screen area. Here, you would have to use the dry microfiber cloth to remove the dust from the screen. Considering the procedure would help you to remove the loose dirt and dust easily. Meanwhile, use the canned air for any area where the dust has tight spots and is not easier to remove from the dry cloth.

Now, use the Alcohol liquid on an extra cloth and start cleaning the screen from it. After it is properly cleaned, use the same dry cloth to dry the liquid.


After the Screen is completely clean, it’s time to clean the keyboard. Here, the use of Alcohol is pretty much evident for you. Why? Because Keyboard is the most common component of a computer that you have to use. Hence, it would also catch a lot of dust. In that situation, alcohol would help you a lot to clean it in the right way. Meanwhile, the use of canned air would help you to quickly blow off any remaining debris or dust out of it.


The mouse is the third important component used mainly by anyone to perform any task on the computer. Hence, it also requires the same procedure to be adequately cleaned up.


Last but not least, the CPU area requires detailed cleaning. For that, you need to disassemble the CPU box and take the help of a dry cloth to clean the dust out of it. Now, use the minimal amount of Alcohol on the Cloth and place it on the essential parts of the CPU boards that work poorly due to dust. Remember, perform the procedure gently. Otherwise, it would create loads of hurdles for you.