How to Take Screenshot on Asus & Samsung Tablet [2021 Method]

A screenshot is one of the handy features in the latest android tablets of Samsung and Asus that can take pretty much a safe a lot of time for people to save an important thing in their mobile phones. You might want to cook a recipe, and you have checked a post in your busy time. Here, you have the option to take a screenshot and read the details in the free time.

Similarly, the same feature helps you consider redecorating your room settings after seeing a beautiful Pinterest or Instagram idea. You can easily save it with the help of the Samsung or Asus tablet you are using by taking the screenshot.

How to Take a Screenshot on Asus and Samsung Tablet

In general, the use of the Screenshot feature doesn’t underlie for a single purpose. You have lots of reasons to use them as its end reason is to bring you easiness for anything you can check in the future whenever it’s mandatory for you.

However, the question arises here is that how you can use the Screenshot feature in your ASUS and Samsung Tablets? Luckily, this article will contain all those details that will help you take screenshots easily on your Tablet. So without wasting further time, let’s talk about it in the below section.

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How to Take Screenshot on Asus Tablet?

In general, there is more than one way to take a screenshot on your ASUS tablet without any hurdle. Yes, you can consider whatever looks better or easy to you.

Way 1: 

The first way to take a Screenshot on Asus Tablet is to use the Available Buttons on it. In general, the default way for you to take a screenshot is by pressing the Volume down and power button simultaneously. You will see that a flash will appear on the screen for you. In general, it will confirm that you have successfully taken the screenshot.

After that, you will see some options that appear on the screen for you. Here, you need to make sure that the file is saved properly. Sometimes, people do take a screenshot, but they don’t save it appropriately. After you Save the Screenshot, the picture will appear in the Gallery Section.

Way 2: 

The second way is to install a Screenshot Application in your ASUS tablet from the Google Play Store. You would need to take the help of the Application because most people don’t want to press their tablet button often to ensure its long-lasting work. Meanwhile, some users Tablets don’t work properly, and they can take a screenshot from them. In such situations, it’s better to install the android application.

Besides that, you need to set up the settings of your Android application depending upon your preferences.

How To Take a Screenshot on Samsung Tablet?

You have already read out the details about taking the Screenshot on the ASUS tablet. For Samsung, you would have the same settings and options available to take the screenshot. In general, you need to understand that the volume down and the Power button are all the same for every tablet to take a screenshot.